I Love NFL Football! Let Me Count The Ways

I didn’t even know about this service last year, which is when they introduced it. It’s really too bad because I’ve been a Sprint customer for a few years now. I guess they mustn’t advertise it as much as you really expect that they would, considering that it is exclusive to Sprint. Either that or I somehow just missed it. I will definitely be using it this year though. I’m not always at home to watch football and while I have a DVR, that’s just not the same as experiencing the game live.

For audio, the Sprint service lets you listen to Cakhia any regular season NFL game live on a compatible phone. You need a data plan to use the service so you have to have a data capable phone. For video, you can watch the Thursday night and Saturday night NFL Network games live.

There’s also an alert feature that lets you know when your team is about to score or get scored on. These are sent out real time as well, so if you aren’t someplace where you can have your phone playing the game for you (like that Reception you didn’t want to go to anyway), you can at least keep up with the major plays.

To get the software on your phone, you just need to text NFL to 7777 so you can download the application to your phone. There is no extra charge if you already have a Sprint data plan. You may want to check and see that your phone is compatible first though.