Manga’s popularity in America – Where did it come from?

In the last six years the manga has changed from being around a third of the $ 75 million graphics novel industry to claim almost two third people from what is now the industry of $ 330 million! But what is being said does not mean that it is all bad news for the publisher of American comics because the new manga boom may have been bypass specialty comic shops, but has opened additional space at a bookstore that helps sell American graphic novels.

Artists around the world created works that were influenced by the manga, in 2006, U.S Manga Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment issued a title that represents the peak of the manga assimilation. It asked his Western artists to draw in the right format of Japan to the left. Kurt Hassler, a former new buyer for Walden and Borders books, played a major role in the manga boom. He said that “At that time there may be 10 or 20 graphic novels at the bookstore, some are not comfortable about the right to leave paging. I am in a position to say if you make this change, Walden Books will support what you do.” Format Paperback, lower prices, Kurt’s urge, are increasingly familiar with Japanese style. All of these factors are combined to make Tokyo a successful successful manga.

Immediately, the manga has its own hallway in many stores. Finally more than a dozen manga publishers compete to sedail the reader at the booming bookstore market. As a sale of Manga Rose, the sale of comic books dropped. Hundreds of manga courtyards can have $ 10, while most of the 32 pages of American comic books cost $ 5. At the end of 2002, Viz began publishing an English standing version of Jupiah Japan, offering almost 500 pages for $ 5 through large box shops. The current monthly circulation is 250,000. The amazing spider men only sell 100,000.

The biggest cultural exports in terms of manga were in the 90s and it was the export of Pokemon. Pokemon helps spit out to get out of the ghetto comic shop. Manga spin off franchise sells millions of copies mostly through outlets like our toys ‘r’ and for the first time manga is the โดจิน best comic franchise in America.

After this first success, many more came through manga such as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Digimon and Gundam Wing. To make manga more popular in the US. The company continues to turn on this manga that makes them attractive for children by means of a young age before they can read and then after they can read they will be interested in the manga form of the anime they watch.