Shipping to Malaysia? Learn About Customs Rules and Regulations for Shipping by Sea

Neighbored by China, Japan and North Korea, South Korea is located in the southern part of the peninsula of Korea. The country’s capital, Seoul, is also the biggest city with a population of nearly 10 million.

There are dozens of shipping ports in South Korea but there are only a few that are typically used to handle the arrival of international shipments. The Port of Buson and the Port of Incheon are two primary ports for cargo shipments entering the country.

If you are interested in sea shipping to South Korea, there 중국배대지 are some rules and regulations you may want to learn in advance. If you are moving overseas to Seoul or to some other city in the country, there are some important documents you’ll need to get in order before your departure.

Documents and information you’ll need before moving to South Korea include the following:

Passport. Plan to have an original passport for each member of your family who is moving to South Korea.

Work Permit. You should plan to have a work permit issued by the South Korean Embassy stating that you will be in South Korea for more than one year.

Residence Card. You will need a residence card for all of the people in your family moving to South Korea. Terms of stay should be for more than 2 years.

Employment Certificate. Sometimes an employment certificate can be substituted for a residence card.

If you are moving overseas, and shipping household goods and other items for personal use there, it is important to create a detailed inventory. You should plan to provide the original inventory along with a copy. The inventory should be easy to read and include model and serial numbers for all electrical appliances you are shipping overseas.

Whenever you ship overseas to South Korea, you will also need to provide an insurance certificate for the items that you are shipping. Power of Attorney is often important to provide, along with a delivery address for your goods and a contact phone number.

Make sure that your full and correct name, as shown on your passport, is also on all other documents. This is important because if your name on different documents does not match, your shipment may not be released by the South Korean customs agents.

Regulations when Cargo Shipping to South Korea

If you are shipping cargo to South Korea, you should plan to be present during the customs inspection process. All shipments entering the country are inspected by customs officials.

Your shipment should arrive within six months of your own arrival in the country (three months if it is coming from Southeast Asia).

You are allowed to ship used household goods and personal items to South Korea, duty free, if you are intending on living in the country for more than a year with your family or for at least two years alone.