What kinds of tuning cars are illegal in Thailand?

Some people want to turn their cars the way they want to improve its quality and limit. However, there are some ways of turning cars that are considered illegal in Thailand as it becomes a problem for other drivers which can cause inconvenience or even accident. In this article, we gather information on what you should know about            tuning cars that are illegal in Thailand.

1.  Car number plate should not be turned

Car number plate is considered as official document/evidence so it should not be turned/adjusted. Some people wanted to make it longer and add a longer frame because they do not know about this. However, you may need to pay a fine of up to 2,000 baht for this.

2.  Carbon fibre hood

Carbon fibre hood is car accessories that get quite popular for car racers as it can make a car look cooler. However you can get asked to pay a fine of up to 2,000 baht as well for the case it has different colours from the original colour of your car. As according to the law, cars have to not have another colour more than half of the car body except the registration colour. If you really want to have different carbon fibre, you can do it but you need to inform the Department of Transport that your car is now 2 tone.

3.  No sticker more than half of car body

Some cars may want to have a sticker on it to promote logo service but by law in the same case as before you can do it but not more than 50% of the car body as it is considered different colour as well.

4.  Car tire should not be too big

Some people consider bigger car wheels means better stick to the road, there is no limit when it comes to sizes of car wheels which can be from 18-22 if you want to but if the tire is too big, police may consider it dangerous for accidents for others. So, you can have a bigger wheel but you need to make sure that the tires are not coming out of the way too much.

5.  Colourful headlights

Colourful headlights are actually illegal to do as it disturbs other drivers and can cause danger from not seeing well on the road. Car headlight’s colours that are not illegal are only white and light yellow.

6.  oading car higher or lower

You can adjust your car to be higher or lower but it needs to have space from the headlight and the ground at least 40 centimetres for lower adjustment and 135 centimetres for higher adjustment.

7.  Exhaust pipe

Exhaust pipe can be adjusted bigger but it should not be louder than 90 decibel and it needs to release smog behind from the car only, not somewhere else.

As you can see, you can adjust your car the way you want as long as it does not disturb others while driving it on the road. Just look at this list and check if it is okay to do before doing it. If you are also looking for car insurance in Thailand, check out Rabbit Care, a website where you can just fill in information and it will generate all deals of car insurance in Thailand that suits you the most. All deals of car insurance in Thailand are from well known car insurance companies. This way you can save so much time and effort to search for the best car insurance in Thailand that suits you the most.